Edinburgh Conference — Skelling, Skeklers & Guising: Exploring Liminality

I really enjoyed speaking at ‘Skelling, Skeklers & Guising: Exploring Liminality‘, a conference in Edinburgh just after Halloween! The conference was organised by the fabulous Taibhsear Collective, made up of The Cailleach’s Herbarium, Amanda Edmiston, Botanica Fabula: Herbal Storyteller , and Debbie Armour (Burd Ellen).

Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh ,on the 23rd and 24th of November 2019.

My presentation was entitled:

Journeying into the Otherworld: Death Rituals in Scotland, from the Merry to the Macabre

Humans have feared and revered death since time began, conjuring beliefs and tales of the afterlife, and constructing rituals and customs to both ease the passing of the spirit into the Otherworld and soothe the grief of the loved ones left behind. Here, Dee Dee Chainey explores the rites and traditions surrounding death across Scotland, from the rituals of prehistory still shrouded in mystery, to the strange and unusual customs of more recent times.

Watch it here:

Or you can watch it on Facebook.

It was a brilliant day all round, with a whole load of excellent talks and workshops! Do watch out for updates about this year’s event, as I’m sure it’s going to be event better than the last two!

Skelling, Skeklers & Guising: Exploring Liminality
Skelling, Skeklers & Guising: Exploring Liminality

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